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Football Organization

The Brooklyn Saints youth football organization was founded in 2008 by Ernesto Davy and Shon Culbreath in Brooklyn, ny. It is a nonprofit organization for adolescents 7-13 years of age using football as a tool to teach kids how to work together as a group, build character,instill discipline in a structured environment and a safe haven for fun.

Events Brooklyn Saints Youth

Football Organization

Day 01 Full Schedule

Oct 10, 2020 @ 09am – 06pm

Oct 10, 2020

Saints vs Ravens

Beach 32nd st. and Seagirt Blvd

Game Times

12pm Titans VS Saints 13U
2pm  Titans VS Saints 14U
4pm  Ravens VS Saints 10U


Day 02 Full Schedule

Oct 17, 2020 @ 09am – 06pm

Oct 17, 2020

Saints vs N.Bergen

Stay tuned, details will be updated soon.


Day 03 Full Schedule

Oct 24, 2020 @ 09am – 06pm

Oct 24, 2020

Saints vs Tomahawks

Stay tuned, details will be updated soon.


Day 04 Full Schedule

Oct 31, 2020 @ 09am – 06pm

Oct 10, 2020

Saints vs Renegades

Stay tuned, details will be updated soon.

Brooklyn Saints Youth


The mission is to provide sports, educational and physical fitness programs that empower and educate youth. These programs have helped young people recognize their abilities and talents while igniting their self-esteem. The organization intends to provide them with the tools, resources and opportunities necessary for growth and prosperity. We seek to create the kinds of opportunities for young people that more fortunate children may take for granted. We encourage them to be healthy by providing a safe fitness regimen and educate them on nutrition. The Brooklyn Saints encourages them to succeed academically in school and socially outside of school. The organization also encourages them to interact with members of the community who provide a variety of resources and opportunities. We offer guidance for them to pursue a higher education, get better jobs and ultimately make smart career choices. In healthy communities, the process of entering the adult workforce and grasping the responsibility it entails is almost an effortless part of growing up. In our community it has to be instilled, planted and taught on a regular basis in order for it to sink in. We’ve taken on this role wholeheartedly and with pride.

Practice Schedule

Monday-Tuesday-Thursday & Friday 5:30pm TIL 8:00pm

700 Uclid ave cypress park.


  • 700 euclid ave. brooklyn NY
  • 347-762-2199
  • bksaints@gmail.com

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Brooklyn Saints Youth Football Organization